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The Platter Gold

  • The Platter Gold
  • The Platter Gold
  • The Platter Gold

The Platter by OG Snuff is the definitive snuff tray for larger social gatherings or parties. The large variety of preset line indentations hit holes, and slots for storing tubes and cards (sold separately) ensures that everyone is served in a neat, efficient, and elegant manner.

The metallic gold finish on this product perfectly suits the abundance at the core of its functionality and ensures no powder sticks to the surface as well as easy maintenance. Ample space in the center of the tray can be used for preparing the snuff, which is then easily spread across the grooves to form perfect lines within seconds. Four rubber pads fitted on the underside fix the tray firmly to the surface, preventing any spillages.

The Platter’s dimensions are 300 x 200 x 15 mm (including the rubber pads), and it weighs 330 g.

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