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The Tablet OG Snuff Board Black

  • The Tablet OG Snuff Board Black
  • The Tablet OG Snuff Board Black
  • The Tablet OG Snuff Board Black

OG Snuff’s premier line of snuff boards has been refreshed with The Tablet – a medium-sized board for sharing powder in more intimate social gatherings. With a set of 4 line grooves and 3 mini hit holes on either side, this coke tray is perfect for two friends sniffing at the same time, but it can easily accommodate a few more hungry nostrils. It also features dedicated slots for storing tubes and cards (sold separately).

The lines can be load within seconds by spreading the snuff over the grooves, and the glossy black finish provides a perfect contrasting background to the white powder. Thanks to the high-quality acrylic used to produce the board, it’s durable and easy to clean, and rubber pads on the underside ensure its stability on any surface.

The Tablet’s dimensions are 200 x 150 x 7 mm (including the rubber pads), and it weighs 160 g.

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