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The Tyre Kicker OG Snuff Board Black

  • The Tyre Kicker OG Snuff Board Black
  • The Tyre Kicker OG Snuff Board Black
  • The Tyre Kicker OG Snuff Board Black

If you’re ready to shift your cocaine game a gear up, The Tyre Kicker by OG Snuff is a great accessory to do it with.

This snuff board is small, lightweight, and great for sharing powder within a small group of friends. It features 8 preset line indentations forming the shape of a tire track, ample space for cutting up the powder, and dedicated slots for storing tubes and cards (sold separately).

The smooth glossy black finish eliminates sticking and is easy to clean, while the high-quality acrylic used in production makes this snuff board exquisitely durable. Four rubber pads on the underside ensure its stability on any surface.

The Tyre Kicker’s dimensions are 220 x 130 x 7 mm (including the rubber pads), and it weighs 150 g.

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