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XL Straw Gold

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  • XL Straw Gold
  • XL Straw Gold

About the XL Straw Gold

In typical OG Snuff fashion, this extra-long (20cm) snuff tube represents a simple yet game-changing spin on the classic sniffing formula. With its extended reach, the days of bending down to do a line or not being able to reach the bottom of the powder container are gone for good.

The gold XL Straw features a high-quality aluminum design with anodized coating creating a smooth yet scratch-resistant surface. Both ends feature curved tips for enhanced sniffing enjoyment and reduced risk of nasal damage.

Finally, this easy-to-clean tube makes sniffing significantly more sanitary than using rolled up banknotes, which frequently contain germs and may cause infections.

Order yours today and raise your snuff game to the next level.

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