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XL Straw Purple

  • XL Straw Purple
  • XL Straw Purple

About the XL Straw Purple

What’s purple, 20cm long, and makes you happy when you take it out because you know something good’s about to come through it? Why, OG Snuff’s XL Straw of course!

By drastically reducing the need to bend down when doing a line, this extra-long snuff tube brings us the simple yet game-changing adaptation to sniffing we never knew we needed!

Made of high-quality aluminum with an anodized coating, this sniffer features a smooth, scratch-resistant surface, which is very easy to clean, making your sniffing much more hygienic than when using a bank note.

Finally, curved tips on either end additionally enhance the sniffing enjoyment and further reduce the probability of nasal cuts and infections.

Order yours now and take your snuff game to the next level.

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XL Straw Purple by daniel

The XL straw is too long! I don't like it. The other products are very nice.

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XL Straw Purple

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