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Golden Snuff Tube

  • Golden Snuff Tube
  • Golden Snuff Tube

About the Golden Snuff Tube

Beautifully complementing the rest of oneGee’s lineup of 24k gold plated cocaine accessories, this snuff tube stands for excellence in both design and durability.

The Golden Snuff Tube was created with true aficionados in mind, introducing a significantly classier alternative to commonly used rolled up bills or the many plain reusable sniffers available on the market. 

Aside from setting you apart from most other powder lovers in terms of style, this high-end sniffer also ensures your consumption is safe and hygienic. The exquisite coating is easy to clean and will last you a lifetime, making this investment a worthwhile way to permanently enhance your snuff enjoyment.

The diameter of the tube is 4,5mm or 6mm, and its length is 75mm.

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