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Sniff Plate

  • Sniff Plate
  • Sniff Plate
  • Sniff Plate
  • Sniff Plate
  • Sniff Plate

About the Sniff Plate

You may not have known that glass sniff plates like this one were essential equipment of any sophisticated powder lover back in the 1970s and 1980s. Now, we are bringing them back from the past, with a major upgrade, for your sniffing pleasure and convenience.

The Sniff Plate features four perfectly sized, perfectly spaced, finely polished grooves, which make powder distribution and dosing quick and effortless. The handy grooves allow you to have the blow ready for sharing with friends in no time and then snort every last particle up with ease.

This classy sniffing accessory is made out of ultra-clear silicon glass cured on top of liquid metal to ensure ultimate flatness and durability. The glass edges of the Sniff Plate are cut with laser precision to ensure a smooth, rich and controlled feel in your hands. Additionally, four rubber pads on the bottom side of the Plate fix it firmly to the surface, making it impossible to knock down.

The Sniff Plate dimensions are:

15cm x 11.5cm x 5mm and it comes with a specially designed cutting card and a stylish carrying bag.

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