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Snuff Card

Using an ID bank card to prepare your lines does the job, but it can:

  • Be unhygienic, as your card can behandled by many people daily, and all those bacteria can stay on it and get transferred to your powder

  • Be incriminating,because, as we all know, some coke can permanently stick to the snuff card’s edges, and

  • Damage your snuff cards with the residue over time.

For these reasons, having a dedicated card to use only for making lines is a smart and inexpensive decision to make. Your nostrils deserve clean powder and your ID or bank card should stay intact to serve its purpose.

Our premium cocaine card is sturdy and super-smooth, making it easy to handle and resistant to sticky powder. It’s also a more stylish cuttingtool than a bank card… Well, unless you have those fancy platinum cards, those can be pretty neat.

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