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Carbon Fiber Card

  • Carbon Fiber Card
  • Carbon Fiber Card

About the Carbon Fiber Card

This 100% 3k twill carbon fiber cutting card is a perfect replacement for bank or ID cards normally used for shredding powder. It’s antibacterial, anti-static (residue resistant), easy to clean, and extremely sturdy and durable—it can flex but cannot be broken.

The upper side of the card features a spacecraft-matte finish, while the bottom side is mirror-glossy. As it’s thinner than a credit card, it makes a better shredder, and its same dimensions allow it to fit neatly and discretely into any wallet.


Our products are not intended for the use of illegal substances. They are solely designed for the nasal use of legal substances or medications legally prescribed by a doctor.

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Carbon Fiber Card by Mathilde

Great products and fast delivery to the UK. Great shop! I will be back!

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Carbon Fiber Card

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