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weed leaf gloves

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weed leaf gloves

About weed leaf gloves:

These fingerless weed leaf gloves are simple designed.

Features of the weed leaf gloves:

The weed leaf gloves are fingerless and are designed with a big green cannabis leaf on the top of your hand.
Lot of people prefer fingerless weed leaf gloves as you can still use your fingertips optimal.

Usage of the weed leaf gloves:

Off course you can use this great looking weed leaf gloves to wear yourself, but you can also use these for your weed/cannabis collection.
These weed leaf gloves is also a great gift for a special friend.

Design and colors of the weed leaf gloves:

These weed leaf gloves are available per pair and only available in the color black with big green weed leafs on top to point to a marihuana cultural history.

Also have a look at our other personal accessories as we have many other accessories that look great together with the weed leaf gloves such as the weed leaf socks or other items in our personal accessories store.

length: 16 cm

width: 11 cm

weight: 35 grams

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