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Iolite Vaporizer

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Iolite Vaporizer

The Iolite Vaporizer is an easy to carry pocket-sized device of 11 x 7 cm and weighs 95 grams. It looks like a walkie-talkie and is the first vaporizer which is refillable with butane (same as lighters) and therefore does not need batteries.

The Iolite Vaporizer is very easy to use:

Make sure that the switch is set on "0" and fill the vaporizer with butane gas.
stand 0

Use a high quality of lighter gas and no other types of fuel.

Fill the vaporizer in a place that is well ventilated and be careful with open fire. With a fully filled Iolite Vaporizer you can use it up to 6 times before it needs to be filled again.
Keep the vaporizer upright and hold the gas bottle upside down. Place the bottle on the gas refill adapter and push the gas bottle down so the gas  is injected into the vaporizer.
gasfles op vulnippel

As soon as the gas comes out of the refill adapter you stop filling.

 Be careful not to overfill the vaporizer. In case you do overfill the Iolite Vaporizer, you must wait at least 5 minutes before you can use the it.
We recommend you to first grind the herbs you want to use with a grinder.  
grinder met kruiden vermalen kruiden

To fill the Iolite Vaporizer disconnect the mouthpiece of the device so you can reach the herb chamber.
los mondstuk

Don´t fill the chamber up with your smokables more than three-quarters so you don´t obstruct the air flow.
kruiden kamer

Place the mouthpiece on the filled up chamber. The device is now ready for use.

Flip the switch to "1" and you will hear the gas flow.
schakel naar stand 1 om te beginnen

Press the palm button at the side.
klik op de knop om te starten

The orange indicator light comes on. The herbs in the chamber are now being heated. After a little more than half a minute, the chamber is heated to 190 ° C. or 374 ° F. The heater will stop automatically and will start again when the temperature drops. Suction slowly on the mouthpiece. Hold the inhaled smoke long in your lungs and exhale.
The included extension of the mouthpiece allows the smoke to cool down for longer before breathing in the smoke.
mondstuk verlenger voor extra koeling

Turn the Iolite Vaporizer switch on "0" when you are not using it. The vaporizer will remain lit for a while before turning off.
schakel weer naar stand 0 om de i-olite vaporizer uit te schakelen

De Iolite Vaporizer is now for sale in our Headshop in 8 different colours.
iolite vaporizers in alle 8 kleuren

The Iolite Vaporizer comes in a handy carrying case with:

2 x pipe cleaners to clean the mouthpiece
3 x mouthpieces
1 x mouthpiece extensions
1 x spare screen with closing piece (with this your smokables are vaporized)
1 x tool to place back the screen when replaced
1 x manual (UK, GE, FR, SP, DU)
de Vaporizer word gelevert in een handig draagtasje met alle nodige onderdelen


Several spare parts are available for the Iolite Vaporizer:

-A- 1 x spare screen
reserve scherm

-B- 3 x spare screen
3x reserve scherm

-C- mouthpiece with herb chamber
mond stuk met reserve kamer

-D- 3 x mouthpiece extensions
mond stuk verleng set

-E- tool to place back the screen when replaced
gereedshap voor het plaatsten van vervangen van het schermpje

-F- 2 x pipe cleaner
2 pijp ragers

-G- 1 x optimiser (this heats up the smokables 3 times as fast)
optimiser voor het opvoeren van uw i-olite vaporizer optimiser
de iolite optimizer is handig te installeren

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