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2 Way Mini Shisha

2 Way Mini Shisha

This beautiful 2 way mini shisha with two hoses is perfect to enjoy in good company. Only 24 cm high, but with all the power of the larger versions. The water pipe consists of several parts, which you can disassemble. It has a glass oval-shaped water base with a stainless steel stem on it, where you can attach the 2 hoses. On top of the shisha is the little ceramic bowl, where you can put your favorite tobacco or gel. This bowl stands on top of the stainless steel plate, where the hot charcoal goes. Of course the set also includes a set of tweezers to pick up the embers. This beautiful shisha is available in several colors.


  • Model: twp-022
  • Height: 24 cm
  • Weight: 600 grams
  • Material: glass
  • Number of hoses: 2

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2 Way Mini Shisha by Marcelllll


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2 Way Mini Shisha

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