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These are our general conditions, please read them carefully. In order to purchase any of
our products you have to agree to these conditions before you can place an order:

1) Elephantos is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for, accidents or damage
caused to person(s) or goods, arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of our products.

2) We only supply to persons aged 18 or older. If we are led to believe that this condition is not
met, we can ask for a copy of your valid passport or identity card. If you do not meet our conditions,
we will not deliver any goods to you.

Our products are legal in The Netherlands; however, it is not possible for us to check the legal status
of a product in every single country. Please make sure to check the legality of said product in your
country, as it is your responsibility to do so.

4) Purchaser herewith safeguards Elephantos from any legal action/claim in case it is not permitted
to import or sell the purchased products in the country where the purchaser is residing.

5), the company, or any members of its staff, disclaims any responsibility and/or
liability for any wrongful or unlawful acts committed by the purchaser with items from our catalogue
and/or website and misuse as such. We are in no way responsible for claims, actions, legal and/or
court fees brought against him/her in connection with any use of products ordered from this website.

 Always read all the information about the product on our website. Always follow the complete
instructions on the label of the product and our website.

 Our products have no medical value and may not be used as medication or replacement for such.

8) Dutch taxes are included in our prices. We deliver only after payment is received.

9) We do not accept any liability for any damage at all, caused by the use, ordering or delivery of our
articles to or by you. This means also that we cannot be held responsible in any way for postal or
customs regulations causing your shipment not to arrive. We guarantee that our products are sent to
you in a discrete manner with protective packaging.

10) Store our products in a safe place out of reach of children.

11) Do not use any of our products if you are not in good physical or mental condition. Do not use
any kind of medication in combination with our products
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