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Mushroom growkit FAQ

The famous Dennis B

By Dennis Blanc,
Last update: January 30, 2019

I received the mushroom grow kitmagic mushroom growkit received

I received the mushroom growkit. How long should I wait before start using the growkit?

Once you receive the growkit, it is recommended to start immediately. If you wait, the possibility
of contamination gets higher. If you prefer to wait anyway, then store the growkit in a cool (refrigerator)
and dark place. Never let the growkit freeze!

Elephantos advises to start immediately and assumes no liability if the growkit is contaminated
by not starting right away with the usage of the growkit.

I received the growkit, but the packaging is damaged

I received the growkit, but the packaging is damaged.

The plastic tray of the growkit may be dented or deformed. Because of the sterilization process
to create this growkit, the tray has been exposed to high temperatures. This can cause it to deform
slightly. This is normal and does not affect the final result.

growkit with white fungus

Did you receive your growkit with a kind of white fungus?

Your growkit arrives and is completely white. This is not a fungus, but mycelium. The more mycelium
the kit contains, the more magic mushrooms it will grow.

The substrate of my grow kit has a strange colour

The substrate of my growkit has a strange colour.

It is possible that the kit is contaminated. In this case, the white mycelium will turn dark grey, red,
blue or green. This means that the substrate contains bacteria that have contaminated the growkit.
This may be due to wrong usage of the growkit and not handling it in a sterile way. Although
Elephantos growkits are easy to use, it is very important to treat the kit carefully and keep it sterile.

Click here to read more about the importance of sterility.

contaminated grow kit

Your growkit is contaminated.

Contamination of a kit is visible in a few days. Send clear pictures of all the angles of the growkit.
If you need to make better pictures, take the growkit out of the bag. Be sure to wash your hands
first and photograph the kit in a clean place. Also, be sure not to breathe on the growkit. Once
we receive the pictures, we can advise how to proceed in order to save your growkit.

the growkit still didn't start growing

Has your growkit not start growing?

The duration from start until harvest will be approximately 2 to 3 weeks. But this is under optimal
conditions. In case day or night temperature or light is not adequate, your growkit may take longer
than normal to start growing. Always make sure that the growkit has a temperature of about 25 ℃
and receives light indirectly.

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