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Jack Herer auto-flowering marijuana seeds

Jack Herer auto-flowering marijuana seeds

weedAbout Jack Herer auto-flowering marijuana seeds:

This marijuana strain won more Cannabis Cups than we can count and is, one of the most popular and best multiple strain.
The strain is a hybrid of Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze.
The Jack Herer strain is now also available as an auto-flowering/feminized version.

Allthough Jack Herer,worlds famous hemp activist, is not alive anymore, he still left us this famous late auto-flowering seeds named after him.

These Jack Herer seeds can be grown indoor, outdoor as well in a hydroponic setup.
The plants will give good yields of heavy clustered marijuana but with medium dense buds (bit fluffy), covered with loads of shining resin and a high level of THC. This makes this strain perfect to use to produce Ice-O-Lator.

Taste: Almost spicy/peppery, with a bit of fruitiness, very lovely
Smell: Jack Herer has the aromas of a sweet Skunk combined with a strong Haze
Yield:  Of course this depends on how skillful you are at growing marijuana, as these Jack Herer auto-flowering/feminized seeds are more or less meant for those with more expertise in growing instead of beginners.

Jack Herer auto-flowering/feminized is a very highly recommended strain!

Prefer regular seeds go to Seedshop: Jack Herer marijuana seeds

seed Genetics: Mostly Sativa

seed Flowering: 7-9 Weeks

seed Harvest: End of September/ begin of October

seed Yield: 75 Grams per plant

seed Height: Tall (100-180 cm)

seed Effect: Sativa spiritual high (a strong high with a giggly edge)

seed Thc level: 15%

seed Quantity: 5 seeds / 10 seeds

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Jack Herer auto-flowering marijuana seeds by derrick

I think the jack is truly one of the best:)and I reconise the man (Jack)...Jack,,:)-id like to se if..

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Jack Herer auto-flowering marijuana seeds

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