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Amnesia feminized seeds

Amnesia feminized seeds

Amnesia Feminized Marijuana Seeds are extremely productive and powerful. Created by a Dutch breeder, a winner of several cups and the absolute number one in the coffeeshops of Amsterdam. Amnesia Feminized Marijuana Seeds are a cross of Haze and Northern Lights and well known for being a Sativa that grows like an Indica.

Amnesia Feminized Marijuana needs high levels of EC and light for a maximum yield and a brutal amount of crystal resin. Amnesia Feminized Marijuana Seeds grow beautifully indoor as well as outside, in soil as well as in hydroponic setups. Amnesia Feminized Marijuana Seeds are resistant to pests and diseases. We recommend, to treat the kind of marijuana with respect, it is overwhelmingly powerful and you have to be careful with it, because it can cause blackouts.


cannabis seeds Genetics: Mostly Sativa

cannabis seeds Flowering: 9/10 weeks

cannabis seeds Harvest: October

cannabis seeds Yield: 1000 grams

cannabis seeds Height: Large

cannabis seeds Effect: extreme high, delicious taste

cannabis seedsTHC: Strong 15%

cannabis seeds Quantity: 5 seeds / 10 seeds

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