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Blueberry mix marijuana seeds

Blueberry mix marijuana seeds

weedAbout Blueberry mix marijuana seeds:

Taste this delicate Blueberry flavoured mix.
The Blueberry mix smells and taste are what makes this strain so special and recognizable.

Blueberry with nice blue/pink flowers and delicious berry taste with green leaves that colours at colder temperatures crossed with Jack Herer mix which produces higher yield and also has a fruity smell and bit peppery taste provides cannabis with a delicious high, special taste and good harvest.

This new Blueberry mix has huge growth potential, is fast ripening, and provides you with good buds, with the smell and taste off fruity Blueberry.

When just started you might think these plants have Sativa influences but this strong grow will stop fast after the lights are switched back to a 12/12 hours light schedule when forced flowering.

Blueberry mix marijuana seeds for delicious tastes!

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seed Genetics: BlueberryIndica

seed Flowering: 7-9 Weeks!!

seed Harvest: September - October

seed Yield: 45 Grams/m2 per plant

seed Height: Small (35-60 cm)

seed Effect: Very relaxed natural high

seed Thc level: High 15%

seed Quantity: 5 seeds / 10 seeds

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