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About Calamus

The magic herb calamus contains the substance asarone. The chemical structure of asarone is somewhat similar to mescaline. Calamus is used as a stimulant, euphoriant and some say it is a remedy for aches and asthma. The main effects for this magic herb are stimulating and have a positive effect on your libido.

Each portion of Calamus contains

100 gram of shredded calamus (After the roots are harvested and dried at a low temperature it contains: A alfa-asarone, beta-asarone (the chemical structure of asarone is somewhat similar to mescaline)

Use and effect

The dried root may be chewed but you can also make tea out of it,depending on the desired effect you can use:

A small dose:
In general 2-3 teaspoons work as a an uplifting stimulant
A higher dose: like 4-5 teaspoons can give a hallucinating and a consciousness-expanding effect

The effects vary depending on the dose and your own sensitivity:


Do not combine calamus with Mao inhibitors.

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