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About Damiana

Damiana is a sexual stimulant, this smartshop product stimulates the blood circulation and metabolism. It contains elements that directly stimulate the nerves and genitals. Damiana has a relaxing effect, gives a mild marihuana-like high and is a light aphrodisiac. It can be smoked or made into a tea, the effect lasts for about one hour.

1 portion of Damiana contains

100 gram of shredded damiana leaves

Active element of Damiana is

The alkaloid damianien.


You can smoke damiana in a waterpipe or you can make a damiana tea or damiana-liquor.

Make tea: Add 2 tablespoons of leaves to ½ a litre of boiling water and let it boil for another 15 minutes.

Smoke: Since the smoke is harsh on the lungs it is advisable to use a water pipe instead of a regular pipe.

Damiana-liquor: Mix 30 grams of damiana magic herbs with half a litre Vodka and let this soak for 5 days. Sift this and let the leaves drenched with alcohol soak another 5 days in 125 ml of mineral-water. Strain out the liquid and filter it. Heat up the water extract till right under the boiling-point and mix it with half a cup of honey. Put the alcohol extract and the water extract together in a bottle and let this stay for a month. The mix will sink down and the liquid will get clearer. Pour the liquid carefully in a clean bottle. For the best results you take in the evening 1 or 2 glasses an hour before the action.


It may take a view hours before the effect, which are usually mild, to be felt.


Frequent use and extremely high doses may be harmful to the liver, do not use during pregnancy and do not combine with other medications for similar actions.

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