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z psilocybe tampanensis mycelium syringe

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z psilocybe tampanensis mycelium syringe
Origine: The psilocybe tampanensis is a special kind of magic mushroom.
She has only been found twice in nature.All the available cultures originate from one specimen, that was cloned in 1977 by mycologist Stephen Pollock.
this particular mushroom was found in Tampa, florida, hence the name: Tampanensis.
This psilocybe strain is only available in mycelium form and is capable of producing, besides mushrooms, socalled sclerotia which are also known as stones or truffles.

Effect: The trip you get from the Psilocybe tampanensis (Philosopher's Stones) is very different from other magic mushrooms. The Psilocybe tampanensis will give you a philosophical and happy trip, but not as visual as other types of mushrooms. You might feel divine, travelling through your own body.

Use: You can eat the Philosopher's Stones / truffles so that the active substance will be absorbed in your body through your mouth.
Chewing it well and slowly improves the effect and saves your stomach. You can also make tea from the Philosopher's Stones
Boil some water, keep the fire low and leave the truffles in for about 20 minutes. Pour the water off and mix with a caffeine-free tea.
Dont sweeten the tea!!! If you like you can eat the residue. Take truffles on a emty stomach in a quiet natural environment or at home.

The Psilocybe tampanensis mycelium will form sclerotia.(magic truffel or stone)
Sclerotia looks a little bit like a walnut and taste like a nut too.
The sclerotia grows underneath the mushroom throughout the substrate.
Under good conditions, it's also possible to grow only the sclerotia and not the mushroom itself.
Elephantos sells `ready to harvest` mexicana A truffels growkits which you can harvest within 1 day or 4-5 months.

Substrate: Rye grass seed (recommended), rye grain

Temperature during colonization: 28-30 C

Temperature during cropping: 22-26 C

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