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Cetico Wild Mint Rapé

Rapé Cetico Wild Mint

What is Rapé Cetico Wild Mint?

The Cetico Wild Mint Rapé blend contains the ashes of Cetico (Cecropia membranacea) leaves and dried, powdered wild mint (Mentha arvensis).

Cetico is a medicinal plant that grows throughout the Amazon and up to Panama. It has a long history of traditional use for its hypoglycemic, analgesic, antiulcer, astringent (wound-healing), and antimalarial properties.

Wild mint is well-known for its aromatic and therapeutic properties, especially as a respiratory aid. The leaves are commonly made into a tea to treat colds or support digestion, and it’s thought that the plant has antimicrobial effects.

What is the effect of Rapé Cetico Wild Mint?

This uniquely tasteful blend of rapé creates a tranquil and grounded, yet uplifting sensation of emotional openness. The mint adds freshness, which is felt throughout the body. When used either on its own or before an ayahuasca journey, this rapé will promote calm introspection and surrender to the experience.

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