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Pure Mapacho Rapé

Rapé Pure Mapacho

What is Rapé Pure Mapacho?

This rapé consists of pure, finely powdered Mapacho tobacco (Nicotiana rustica), the essential base ingredient of any rapé blend.

It has a long history of traditional use in indigenous Amazonian, as well as Native American societies; in fact, it is one of the oldest plant medicines in the world, used ceremonially for purification, healing, and prayer by ancient Mesoamerican civilizations. It is commonly smoked, but it can also be insufflated as powdered snuff or liquid, drunk in liquid form as a potion, used in herbal baths, or as a soaking agent.

As a Master Plant Teacher, it is often communed within a months-long dieta by shamanic initiates – creating a strong connection with the Spirit of tobacco yields a powerful ally for energetic grounding, healing, and cleansing, and for setting up and protecting a ceremonial space. When drunk, it is a strong purgative with detoxifying, antiparasitic, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial effects.

The use of liquid tobacco is common in Colombian-style ayahuasca ceremonies, where participants inhale some through each nostril at the beginning of the ceremony for strength and purification of the physical and energetic body.

In Peruvian style ayahuasca ceremonies, mapacho cigarettes are smoked to ground oneself during an intense journey, for spiritual protection, cleansing of negative emotions and energies, or connecting with the Spirit of tobacco and receiving its guidance.

As a snuff, or rapé, tobacco was first used by indigenous populations of Brazil, and it’s still commonly consumed this way before, during, and after ayahuasca, or Daime, ceremonies there.

What is the effect of Rapé Pure Mapacho?

The spiritual effects of snuffed Mapacho are powerfully grounding and energizing, and they provide an excellent base for adding herbs of your choice to create the rapé blend best suiting your individual needs and preferences.

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