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Herbal Joints Party Package

Herbal Joints Party Package

All 5 Herbal Joints together in one package!

You like our Herbal Joints and want to taste more of them?
Or you never tried them before and want to try them all 5 to see which one you prefer?
Than this Herbal Joints Party Package is your best sell !

The legal smoke sensations from Amsterdam, a true benefit for every smoker living into a country where real marijuana joints are banned.

Effects of Herbal Joints:

We create a fantastic smoke mix for 5 different herbal joints.

Each with a different flavour and effect for a stoned relax high buzz feeling.
Especially in combination of good company, laugh kicks can appear...

The effect of the joint will appear directly after smoking the joint and will slowdown after approx one hour.
In the next hour you will have a calm and relax feeling.

When you have smoked a real cannabis joint a few hours before, this herbal joint will animate the marijuana feeling again.

The Herbal Joints Party Package contains:

The following 5 Joints:

  • Skunky Relax joint:
    skunky relax herbal joint
    Colour: yellow
    Strong: 70%
    Effect: Relaxing calm effect.
    Not flavoured

  • Trance Haze joint:
    trance haze herbal joint
    Colour: green
    Strong: 70%
    Effect: High/chill effect especially when listening to good music.
    Due the mint ingredients is this joint relax for the throat.
    Flavour: mint

  • Buzz Bud joint:
    buzz bud herbal joint
    Colour: blue
    Strong: 75%
    Effect: psychedelic dreamy effect, laugh kicks possible.
    Beside the general herbs does this joint contains more salvia herbs.
    Flavour: vanilla

  • Amsterdam Super joint:
    amsterdam super herbal joint
    Colour: red
    Strong: 80%
    Effect: stoned high effect.
    Due the mint ingredients is this joint relax for the throat.
    Flavour: mint

  • Dutch Delight joint:
    dutch delight herbal joint
    Colour: purple
    Strong: 80%
    Effect: Stoned high effect.
    Flavour: nuts

Usage for Herbal joints:

Smoking blend will delivered separated from the paper cone.
You can easily fill the cone yourself.

Its recommended to place a little piece of tobacco in the paper cone first.
This little piece of tobacco will filter the smallest pieces of the smoking blend.
Putt the smoking blend into the paper cone.
Now it is important to tighten this joint.

Note: Do not place the blend in the joint too loose, you will have a fluffy joint, which do not smoke well and the top of the ash can fall off.
Joints made too tight do not inhale well.
Just tick the joint about 15 times on a hard surface to make it tight enough

Dosage for Herbal joints Party :

Each of the Elephantos joints are created to smoke for one person.
Though, there will be effect when sharing 1 with another person.

Ingredients for Herbal joints Party :

Leonurus sibiricus, sage 10x, Nymphaea nouchali Mentha arvensis, var caerulea, Scutellaria galericulata marihuanilla, Myristica fragans

Warning for Herbal joints Party Package

Do not smoke daily, smoking any kind of herbs or tobacco will be bad for health
We claim that this product reaches the effect of marijuana very closely
Though, herbal high smoking blends have a different effect on each different person.
NOT recommended for minors below of the age of eighteen years old.

Shipping restrictions:
We do not ship this product to: Australia, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands.

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Herbal Joints Party Package
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Herbal Joints Party Package
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Trance Haze Joint was really good. Wierd when watching movie, but recomended! Trance Haze Joint get ..

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Herbal Joints Party Package
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I did about 20 joints with a set of those herbs. The light ones (yellow/green/blue): great feeli..

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Herbal Joints Party Package

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