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Mega herbal joints
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Mega herbal joints

The 28 cm Mega huge variant of the herbal joints in 2 different blends,
13 grams of legal smoking herbs incl. a super mega joint cone of 28 cm!!!

In 2 blends:
Mega party haze and the
Mega party skunk smokers mix

Effects of Mega herbal joints:

We have created 2 different Mega herbal joints, with Mega effects in 2 different mixtures.
Directly after smoking the effects will start (laugh kicks can appear) and slow down after about one hour, then in the next hour you will feel calm and relaxed.

The Mega herbal joints:

  • Mega party skunk (bleu):

Relaxed calm effect.
Strong: 50%
Ingredients: skullcap / wormwood / passion flower / mullein leafs / damiana / catmint 

  • Mega party haze (red):

High chill effect.
Strongest: 60%
Ingredients: salvia / passion flower / mullein leafs / damiana / catmint 

Usage for Mega Herbal joints:

Smoking blend will delivered separated from the paper cone.
You can easily fill the cone your self.

  • Its recommended to place a little piece of tobacco in the cone first.
  • This little piece of tobacco will filter the smallest pieces of the smoking blend.
  • Putt the smoking blend into the cone.
  • now its important to tighten the joint.
  • When the blend is placed to loose into the cone, the blend will be to fluffy.
    Fluffy joints doesn’t smoke well while the ash top will fall off.
    Joints that are made to tight doesn’t inhale well, so its important to have to right balance.
    Just tick the joint around 15 times to a hard surface to make it tight enough

Dosage for Mega Herbal joints:

The Mega herbal joints are developed to smoke with several persons.

Quantity for Mega Herbal joints:

1 joint:  28 cm Joint including 13 grams of herbal mix

Looking for some stronger/smaller herbal joints look at: Herbal Joints

Warning for Mega Herbal joints:

Not recommended for minors below of the age of eighteen years old.
Smoking any kind of herbs or tobacco will be bad for health, don´t smoke daily.
We claim that this product reaches the effect of marijuana very closely
Though, herbal high smoking blends have a different effect on each different person.
Especially very experienced marijuana smokers who are smoking on a daily base, may not expect the same or strong effect as a real marijuana joint

Shipping restrictions:
We do not ship this product to: Australia, Spain, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Australia, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands.

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Mega herbal joints (by Jan) Wednesday 24 August, 2011

I tried this mega party skunk -thing and I must say it wasn't as effective as other Elephantos herbal joints so I'm kinda dissapointed. A friend of mine said he got euphoric feelings after he had smoked this, I didn't. The effect was rather mild I w..

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