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Evodia rutacarpa

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Evodia rutacarpa

About Evodia Rutacarpa

A weight loss tea that stimulates a fat breakdown using thermo genic properties. Evodiamine an alkaloid from Evodia rutacarpa has been shown to have strong thermo genic properties beneficial in the promotion of weight loss and stimulation of fat breakdown.

Effects of Evodia Rutacarpa

Beware to breakdown fat You always need to eat less and move (work out) more! But when you do so, your body tends to slow down metabolism to compensate the energy loss. Your body thinks it dies of hunger and tries to save energy and starts to store fat. For this reason, a lot of people quit most diets, but if you use supplements that increase metabolism, the fat burning process keeps going. That is why you should use Evodia rutacarpa to breakdown fat and lose weight.

Evodia rutacarpa is made off

Dried fruit, the evodia tree grows and bears small reddish-brown fruit, which is harvested for medicinal purposes before it ripens. In northern China and Korea people use this as a medicine for already 2000 years. Evodia rutacarpafruits smell pleasantly like concentrated black pepper and has acrid bitter taste with a warm nature.


Daily: 1.5 - 5 grams evodia rutacarpa herb tea


We recommend to use as a decoction (tea prepared by boiling the herb in water)

Evodia can be used fresh, dried or grind into a powder.


1 package: 50 grams evodia rutacarpa tea

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Large doses can stimulate the CNS and lead to visual disturbances and hallucinations caused by 5-MeO-DMT as well as other tryptamines. Thermo genic and diet product should be properly applied.

Do not use

When you are under 18 and / or ever suffered of: Heart disease, thyroid disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure, recurring headache, depression or other psychiatric condition. If you are pregnant (or try to be), nursing OR if you are sensitive to stimulating products (such as caffeine). Stop using when one of the following symptoms occurs: A rapid heartbeat, dizziness or light-headedness, severe headache, shortness of breath or other similar symptoms.

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