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Bud Bug
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Bud Bug is a sleepy beetle that grinds all your smokables.
Marijuana and other herbs are no match for him.

This beetle doesn´t find in your hand: 15cm x 17cm x 8cm and weighs  215 gram (5.9 x 6.7 x 3.1 inch - 7.58oz).

On the bugs behind, you will see a button to open the shield.
open de bibs van de tor vul de grinder met batterijen

Open the shield to see where the three AAA batteries must be inserted.
open de dop van de bud bug grinder

The grinder is under the shield as well, so you can immediately put in your marijuana or other herbs.
Be careful not to grind to many herbs at once.
stop de marijuana in de rug van de bud bug

Close the shield and the Bud Bug crawls away.
He leaves a trail of smokeables behind him.
de budbug grinder poept u marijuana uit genoeg uitwerpselen voor een lekkere joint

By opening the shield again the bug turns off automatically.
zodra de Bud Bug klaar is wilt hij weer chillen <br>

Take good care of him!

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