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z element grinder
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The element grinder, smal but very efficient

The Motorized Element Grinder is a must have product for people who want their Vapir Digital Vaporizers to vaporize more efficiently and effectively. Updated with a new metal grinding blade for more effective herbal grinding, The New Element Herb Grinder will grind your herbs finely within seconds. Add the freshly ground gourmet herbs to your Vapir Digital Vaporizer and allow heat to pass through, creating the densest vapor possible!

Grind with the power of a motor in the palm of your hand! The Element Grinder quickly grinds your herbs for more effective herbal vaporization. Grind your own blends of herbs with speed, ease and convenience – the New Element Motorized Gourmet Herb Grinder is hands-down the best way to create your own herbal blends.


Size :5 by 5cm

Weight: 62 gr.

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