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z high quality precision grinder
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The high quality precision grinder with it's U.F.O's inspired shape that will BOOM the room.

Your friends will stay amazed days after they see how fast you will extract pollen out of the first stage screen and from the additional 2 filter stages, yes you will get 3 pollen quality grades out of this pollen herb grinder.

Triple Screen Flexibility (Sizes 600, 285, & 170 micron) Now choose both the size of the grinder screen and the number of screens.

The quality of your results are up to you. Great Ergonomic Design The Triple Screen v.2's alligator-grip structure lets you clean, grind, and filter in one easy twist! Larger Compartment Enjoy a much larger grinding compartment than the previous Triple Screen model. And more room means better quality, better grinding, & easier cleaning.

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