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Carbon by Charlie

Inspired by Japanese minimalist design and the aesthetic appeal and durability of carbon fiber, Charlie White set out on a mission to create and deliver sleek, stylish cocaine accessories to powder lovers of the world.

What made him and many others fall in love with carbon fiber as a material is that it’s simultaneously dark yet bright, sleek yet raw, modernyet rustic, and lightweight yet five times stronger than steel.

The Carbon by Charlie product lineup features carbon fiber plates, cutting cards, pulling tubes, card grinders, and specially designed warmers for the plates.

A single look at these products is enough to understand that upgrading from a basic banknote or mirror to a carbon fiber tube or plate will take your snuff game to the next level. Not only are they stylish, but also antibacterial, anti-static, and will last you a lifetime—Charlie’s personal guarantee.

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Carbon Fiber Card Grinder
Carbon Fiber Card Grinder 17.95 more info
Mini 100% Carbon Fiber Plate
Mini 100% Carbon Fiber Plate 36.95 more info
Plate Warmer
Plate Warmer 20.95 more info
Pure Carbon Fiber Card & Straw Set
Pure Carbon Fiber Card & Straw Set 21.90 more info
XL 100% Carbon Fiber Plate
XL 100% Carbon Fiber Plate 114.95 more info
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