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The Tablet OG Snuff Board UV Blue

  • The Tablet OG Snuff Board UV Blue
  • The Tablet OG Snuff Board UV Blue
  • The Tablet OG Snuff Board UV Blue

This funky edition of The Tablet Snuff Board by OG Snuff is sure to be a delight at any club or space with blacklights where its true shine is revealed. Designed for convenient and hygienic powder sharing, this tray features two sets of 4 line grooves and 3 mini hit holes, as well as slots for storing tubes and cards (sold separately) – perfect for the simultaneous enjoyment of a small group of friends.

The Tablet is built out of high-quality acrylic, making it durable and easy to clean. About the size of an iPad mini, it’s easy to take on the go, and the rubber pads fitted on the underside ensure its stability on any surface.

The Tablet’s dimensions are 200 x 150 x 7 mm (including the rubber pads), and it weighs 160 g.

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