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oneGee Secure Box Slim 24C Gold

  • Secure Box Slim 24C Gold
  • Secure Box Slim 24C Gold
  • Secure Box Slim 24C Gold
  • Secure Box Slim 24C Gold

About oneGee Secure Box Slim 24C Gold

This limited-edition snuff box represents the amalgam of two recognizable emblems of opulence: the oneGee brand and pure, 24-carat gold.

Hailing from Switzerland, the oneGee snuff boxes are top-of-the-line, luxurious cocaine accessories built from high-quality, durable, and antibacterial materials, and engineered to function perfectly, forever.

The Secure Box Slim 24C Gold is the flagship model of the highly acclaimed line of slim snuff boxes, created to offer conscious cocaine lovers a premium, discrete, and hygienic way to store and sniff their favorite powder. The sleek sliding design of this model allows users to take quick hits in circumstances where discreteness is required, while the real gold plating serves to show off your love for cocaine when the situation calls for it.

At only 5.4 mm of thickness, the Secure 24C Gold Slim Box fits into any wallet, making it a perfect travel companion. The fourteen trays inside the box can hold up to 1.2 g of cocaine, while the elegant carbon tubes, which fit neatly into their dedicated slot along the side of the box, ensure stylish and hygienic pulling anywhere, anytime.

This model also features a specially designed locking mechanism, which guarantees the tubes stay clean and in place during carrying. Sturdy mirror cards for shredding the powder are also included in the set.

OneGee’s Secure 24C Gold Slim Box is a top-shelf item for true connoisseurs and lovers of cocaine. With its seamless design, small size, all-in-one functionality, and high-quality gold plating, it is the best and most lavish cocaine accessory money can buy, and one that will last you forever.

Each Secure Box Slim 24C Gold set comes with:

  • 1x Secure Box Slim (85 x 54 x 5.4 mm, total capacity 1.2 g)
  • 1x Spoon to fill the trays
  • 2x Carbon tubes
  • 2x Mirror cards
  • 1x High-quality cardboard packaging

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