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og-snuff-board 1

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  • OG Snuff Board 1
  • OG Snuff Board 1
  • OG Snuff Board 1
  • OG Snuff Board 1
  • OG Snuff Board 1
  • OG Snuff Board 1
  • OG Snuff Board 1
  • OG Snuff Board 1
  • OG Snuff Board 1
  • OG Snuff Board 1

About OG Snuff Board

The compact OG Snuff Snuff Board was built to enhance sniffing experiences by making them easier, more enjoyable, and more hygienic.

The board’s unique design is the result of fine-tuning over months of experimentation. With 2 x 2 grooves for making lines of different sizes, 4 round indentations for those mini hits, and a hole to stow away your straw or tube after pulling, it presents a stylish multi-option solution great for any social snuffing session.

The middle of the board is clean, with ample space for cutting up the powder, and loading the lines can be done simply by spreading it over them with a card. This cool little snuff board also features 4 rubber pads on the bottom for added stability.

The Snuff Board is cut from high-quality acrylic and comes in a variety of funky colors. Its dimensions are: 195 x 90 x 7 mm (including the rubber pads).

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