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Snuff Bottle

What Is a Snuff Bottle?

A snuff bottle is ideal for safely storing your precious powder. Unlike carrying your stash around in plastic baggies, which can be influenced by surrounding moisture, packing it into a cocaine vial will keep your blow fluffy and dry, eliminating any risk of clumping.

Our selection of snuff dispensers includes a variety of sizes, from mini (for a few quick hits) to jumbo (to last you until the afterparty and beyond). They are built from sturdy glass for reliable transportation and air-tight storage.

Aside from having a cocaine vial, each one of our snuff containers also comes with a dedicated spoon for scooping out those instant, sneaky hits. Depending on the model, the spoon is either on the inside of the lid or attached to its outside, and the volume of the scoop is perfect for producing that “one-hit wonder” high.

A snuff bottle with spoon can also be a perfect gift to anyone passionate about the power powder—who wouldn’t love a nifty cocaine container to make their sniffing experience more pleasant and convenient?

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