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Snuff Bullet

A snuff bullet for coke is an indispensable snuff accessory for anyone who often takes hits on the go. It ensures your powder stays dry and gives you an inconspicuous way to carry it around.

Aside from being handy, a cocaine bullet is also a fine-looking and worthwhile addition to any self-respecting cokehead’s tool box. Sure, you can carry your powder around in plastic bags, but having it in a solid container says class and reliability; it says you respect your powder.

The best value feature of a coke bullet, though, is not its role in powder portability; it’s the function which allows the owner to take a hit instantly, in any situation—even if hanging upside down for some reason! A good bullet sniffer has a mechanism for measuring out and packing a perfect amount of powder for immediate consumption.

How to Use a Snuff Bullet?

So, how to use a snuff bullet? Easy—depending on the product you choose, you either turn a knob or turn part of the bullet itself to load a perfectly measured hit into the inhalation chamber. Once the coke is loaded, you’ll know what to do…

There are a few different types of snuff bullets. The most affordable model is a combination of acrylic and glass, and it will serve its purpose, but it doesn’t exactly offer a covert sniffing experience. A metal bullet snorter, however, will provide discreetness, with one model even being indistinguishable from a piece of war memorabilia.

So, whether you need functionality, privacy, or both, we’ve got you covered with our selection of nifty & sneaky powder bullets.

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