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The Posh Snuff Bullet

The Posh Snuff Bullet

About The Posh Snuff Bullet

The Posh Snuff Bullet is the king of all sniff dispensers.
You can also use it as a reservoir because it can contain up to 2 grams of powder cocaine.

This is how the bullet works:

Take off the bottom by using a small screwdriver or a coin.

Fill up the C-shaped hole with cocaine powder and screw the bottom back on.

Top straight, now put your finger on the small hole on the side of the Posh.

With your other hand, turn the wheel on the bottom clockwise until it will not go any further.

The reservoir is now filled with a dose of your favourite powder.

Take a sniff but not too hard to make sure you do not get to much at once.

Turn the wheel counter clockwise to open the reservoir again and fill the bullet for your next sniff.


Length: 4,5 cm/ 1,77 inches
Weight: 60 grams

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