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Brass Bottle Snorter

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Brass Bottle Snorter

About the Brass Bottle Snorter

This elegant, fine tube is specially made for easy access to substances stored in a bottle. The hole is on the side of the tube and works like a mini spoon. Insert the tube with the hole into a bottle and hold your finger on the other side of the tube. To use, bring the tube to your nose and open the tube by removing your finger. This tube is designed for discreet use in crowded places, like a party or a club. Instead of a bottle, you can also use a wrap to carry your substances. Also available in silver.


Length: 7.5 cm / 2.95 inches

Disclaimer: Our products are not intended for the use of illegal drugs. They are solely designed for the nasal use of legal substances or medications legally prescribed by a doctor.

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