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Snuff Tube

You may think a rolled-up bill works just fine, but once you try sniffing with an actual cocaine snorter, you’ll never go back to those backwards ways. So, how to snort coke properly?

Coke snorters are… Exactly what they sound like, devices that make it easier to snort coke. However, aside from making the experience more enjoyable, having a dedicated cocaine straw also makes it cleaner, safer, and classier.

We have a wide array of snuff tubes available. Our glass models are sturdy and provide a delightful image of a line of coke levitating up into your nostril like it’s being beamed up by a UFO. The metal models, also extremely affordable, range from the comical cocaine vacuum snorter to the practical (or romantic, depending on how you flip it) U-shaped tube design for two lines (or a couple).

Each snuff snorter is extremely easy to clean, making the sniffing experience hygienic, in addition to being smoother and more stylish. A dedicated coke sniffer tool is really the best answer to the question of how to snort coke properly.

Finally, a coke straw also makes a perfect, inexpensive gift for any true powder lover who cares about how their blow reaches its destination.

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Amber Glass Snorter
Amber Glass Snorter 5.95 more info
Brass Bottle Snorter
Brass Bottle Snorter 6.20 more info
Carbon Fiber Straw
Carbon Fiber Straw 12.50 more info
Cigarette Shape Snuff Straw
Cigarette Shape Snuff Straw 4.95 more info
Duo Coke Tube
Duo Coke Tube 8.95 more info
Glass Cocaine Sniffer
Glass Cocaine Sniffer 9.25 more info
Glass Snuff Tube
Glass Snuff Tube 9.70 more info
Hoover-Sniffer 16.40 more info
Metal Cocaine Sniffer
Metal Cocaine Sniffer 7.95 more info
Metal Coke Snorter
Metal Coke Snorter 5.99 more info
Metal Color Coke Sniffer
Metal Color Coke Sniffer 5.90 more info
Metal Sniff Tube
Metal Sniff Tube 12.95 more info
Silver Coke Snorter
Silver Coke Snorter 6.20 more info
Snuff Tube Pistols
Snuff Tube Pistols 11.95 more info
Snuff Tube Skull
Snuff Tube Skull 11.95 more info
Snuff Tube Spider
Snuff Tube Spider 12.95 more info
Snuff Tube Woman
Snuff Tube Woman 11.95 more info
World Cup Coke Sniffer
World Cup Coke Sniffer 12.95 more info
Silver Cocaine Snuffer
Silver Cocaine Snuffer more info
Snuff Tube Dollar
Snuff Tube Dollar more info
Snuff Tube Dragon
Snuff Tube Dragon more info
Snuff Tube Snake
Snuff Tube Snake more info
Snuff Tube Snake II
Snuff Tube Snake II more info
Snuff Tube Superman
Snuff Tube Superman more info
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