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Germination manual

The famous Dennis B

By Dennis Blanc,
Last update: February 01, 2019



•     Marijuana seeds marijuana seeds
•     2 dinner plates dinner plates
•    Some pieces of paper towel paper towel
•     Distilled water (or boiled ) distelled water but coocked also works
•     Germination soil. germination soil
•     Plant pots, small small jars
•     Plant pots, large large jars
•    Transparent foil  transparant foil
•     Strip light (fluorescent lamp preferable colour code 88) strip light


  • Put some pieces of paper towel on a dinner plate.

    laydown the paper towel

  • Humidify the paper towel with distilled water till the paper is soaking wet.

    humidify the papertowel

    Cooked tap water also works but be sure it's cooled off!

  • Put the marijuana seeds on the wet paper.

    laydown the marijuana seeds

    Give the seeds a minimum space of 1cm² (0,155 sq inch)

  • Cover the seeds with a few layers of paper towels.

    cover the marijuana seeds

  • Humidify the paper towels with the distilled water.

    humidify the upper layer

  • Place the second dinner plate upside-down on the first  plate to keep the humidity inside.

    place the second dinner plate

    Despite the plate used as lid, there is a still risk that water will evaporate.
    Check the humidity of the paper towel once or twice a day and humidify again in case it has become drier.

    The seeds will die if the paper towel dries up!

  • Place the plates somewhere where the temperature is around 21°C – 25 °C. (70°F -77°F)

    Day 5
  • Depending on the circumstances, the seeds will open after 4 to 5 days.
    A little white root comes out of the seed.

    the root will appear from out the seed

  • It is time to plant the seeds in a little pot with germination soil when the little white root is around 3 mm.

    the root is 3mm


    Germination soil is soil without any added nutrition mixed with 40% clean sand.
    The baby plants will overdose and die if the soil is fertilized.

  • Take a little pot filled with germination soil and make the soil very wet.

    fill the jar with germination soil make the soill very wet

  • Take a pencil and prick a little hole of 4 mm (0,15 inch) in the soil.   

    prick a hole into the germination soil enough speace for the seed

  • Plant the seed with the root facing the surface and cover the hole with wet soil.

    The root should be under the surface a maximum 2 mm.
    Make sure the marijuana seeds are still covered with soil after you have watered them.

    place the seed with her root upwards place the root 2mm under the surface
    cover the seeds with soil water the soil again


    A very common mistake is to place the seed with the root pointing downwards.
    The reason for placing the seed with its root pointing upwards is because it will bent down after it has reached the size of 3 mm (0,12 inch)
    So, when the seed is planted with the root up, the root will bend down by itself to finally grow downwards.

    seed with curled root the seedroot has made her curl

    Maybe you are too late with planting, and the root has already made its curl? Then you have to plant the seed with the root pointing downwards.

    does the seedroot already made her curl? just plant the seed with the root down

    After having studied several online germination manuals, we have noticed that there are a lot of commercial websites which offer incorrect information about how to place the seed properly in the soil.
    You can conclude that a lot of online marijuana seed shops don't have a clue what they are talking about.

  • Now that the seeds are planted you have to pay attention to the following facts:


    Young plants, especially baby plants, need a very high humidity.
    Keep the percentage of humidity at least at 85–90%.

    at least 60% humidity into this fase

    A method for keeping the humidity high is to place the little pots in a plastic box or similar, filled with a little layer of water (approx. 5mm, 0,2 inch).

    transparant plastic box fill the box with water
    the little jars are nice divided into the box keep the water level aprox 5mm

    • Stretch some transparent foil over the box to keep the humidity inside while the light still gets through.

    transparant foil to keep the humidity inside close the foil to keep humidity and get light inside


    Keep the soil in the little pots wet; the plants will die if the soil dries up.
    Check the water level into the box daily.

    Add extra water when the level is low


    High pressure lamps or direct sunlight is too much light for baby plants.

  • Just place the plants under strip light (fluorescent lamp)

  • just a normal striplight

    Keep the lamp permanently on.

    Day 10

  • The seeds will grow out of the surface after a couple of days.

    the first seeds will apear after a few days

  • If everything goes well, the first 2 leaves will burst open the seed coat, which will then fall off.

    the first 2 leaves will burst open the 2 half seed peels

  • The seed coat could stay stuck together.

    It can be possible that the seedpeels won´t open

  • If this happens, you can help nature a little and CAREFULLY! remove the seed coat so that the little baby can start spreading her leaves out.

    carefully remove the peels manually

    Day 20
  • When the plants are 8 cm (3,1 inch) tall you can repot them to a new and larger pot.

    the plant is 8 cm , 3,1 inch tall remove the plant carefully without harming the roots
    keep the little plants into the soil that stuck around take a big jar, filled with germination soil. Make a hole into the soil which is large enough the place the plant into.
    place the plant into the hole and tight it with soil prick a small stick into the soil without harming the roots. than you have to connect a small piece of iron wire to the stick
    bend the iron wire but not to tight, just give the stem some space now you helping the plant be stable so she won´t fall down
    add water to the fresh soil

    This new pot still needs germination soil!
    You can start carefully adding a root stimulant.

    green reptile start fertilizer

    It is still very important to keep the humidity high.

    Day 25
  • When the plants are approx. 15 cm tall (6 inch) , the roots are grown enough to start the last phase.


    Now you can begin placing the plants under artificial light or slowly under sunlight.
  • Humidity is still important in this phase.
    Make sure that the humidity around the plant stays above the 60%.

    humidity more than 60%

    The last phase of the germination can be done indoors or outdoors, so we will give you the instructions for
    both so you can choose which way is best for you:

  • 1) Light for Indoor use:

    Now the plant can be placed under the light you have chosen to grow the plants under.
    A strong light intensity is not too important in this phase.
    When you use more than one lamp, we recommend only using half of the available lamps in the beginning,

    all the available capicity is to much for the little plants

    This way you let the plants get used to the strong light. Switch to full capacity after a week.

    after a week you can rock!

    Light period indoors:
    Start with 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness.

    2) Light for outdoor use:

    Now the plant can be placed under the light you have chosen to grow the plants under.
    A strong light intensity is not too important in this phase.
    Do not place the plants under direct sunlight, but in a shadowed spot for the first week.

    full sunlight will be to much, so place them into the shadow for this first week

    After a week, you can put the plant in full sunlight.

    after a week you can start with the real thing, full capicity sunlight will rock your plants!

    You can start carefully adding Green Reptile growth fertilizer to the soil.

    green reptile grow fertilizer

    Using plant fertilizers is essential for a good end-result.
    However, it is possible to ruin your harvest by overfeeding the plants.
    So be careful with adding fertilizers and follow the descriptions, especially when you are not experienced
    in growing plants.

    Good luck!!!
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