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In case you can't or don't want to receive your order at home, we offer a suitable solution.
With our pickup location service we can send your order to one of our pickup locations in your area.

We are currently working with more than 100,000 pickup locations in Europe and this demand is still growing every day.

The big advantage is that you don't need to be home when your package arrives.
You can follow your order and see when it arrives at your chosen delivery point.

How does it work?

  • You place your order at, just like you're used to.
  • On our delivery options page you can choose the option "pickup location".
  • Select the option "pickup location" and enter your country and postal code in the menu below.
  • Our system will look for the nearest pickup locations in your area.
  • Now you only have to select the desired pickup point and continue completing your order.
  • We will send your order directly to the pickup point of your choice.
  • This service always has a track-trace option, so you can see where your package is located at any time.
  • Once you see that the package has arrived, you can pick it up with your ID.

Pay attention!

The recipient information must be consistent with the data of the person who picks up the package.
The package will be stored a limited number of days at the pickup point, before it's sent back to the sender.

Currently we offer this service in the following countries:

Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Luxembourg.

We are working hard to add more European countries to our list.
Eventually the pickup service will be offered throughout the whole of Europe and some popular countries outside of Europe.

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