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Angelmatic aka Little Angel auto-flowering marijuana seeds

Angelmatic aka Little Angel auto-flowering marijuana seeds
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afghan feminized marijuana seedsAbout Angelmatic, aka Little Angel Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Angelmatic aka Little Angel Autoflowering marijuana seeds are seeds that produce a surprisingly strong plant. Angelmatic, aka Little Angel Autoflowering plants are therefore especially suitable for guerrilla growing. This means that if you don’t have a garden or don’t have the possibility to grow indoors, you just have to find a nice, safe place where your plants can grow. We advise that you first germinate your Angelmatic aka Little Angel Autoflowering seeds and let them grow into small plants. Then, when you move your plants to your secret spot, make sure you plant them in wet soil. Angelmatic aka Little Angel is a autoflowering plant which means that you don’t have to regulate the degree to which they are exposed to light when you grow indoors.  Similarly, you don’t have to wait until the end of the summer when you grow outdoors. After just 3 weeks or so Angelmatic aka Little Angel autoflowering marijuana will start to flower automatically. From seedling to harvesting takes 60 to 65 days. Given the extremely short vegetative phase, Angelmatic aka Little Angel will remain shorter and more compact than conventional strains. The height of Angelmatic aka Little Angel marijuana is in general less than 50 cm when grown indoors and a bit more taller if grown outdoors.

cannabis seedsGenetics: Indica/Sativa/ Ruderalis mix

cannabis seedsFlowering: 5/6 weeks

cannabis seedsHarvest: August

cannabis seedsYield: 35 grams a plant

cannabis seedsHeight: Short

cannabis seedsEffect: Strong high, delicious taste

cannabis seedsTHC:Strong 15 %

cannabis seedsQuantity: 5 seeds / 10 seeds



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Angelmatic aka Little Angel auto-flowering marijuana seeds (by John) Friday 08 November, 2013

Very Amazing high and so fruity with a very high THC level :) It only took 8 weeks to Harvest over 40 nuggets on each plant. P.S. The fertilizers help so much. Please use with fertilizers with caution as I overdosed a few too many in the past. Thank ..

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