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Northern Lights auto-flowering marijuana seeds

Northern Lights auto-flowering marijuana seeds

weedAbout Northern Lights auto-flowering marijuana seeds:

Northern Lights one of the world's most famous and loved strain.
Northern Lights auto-flowering/feminized marijuana seeds developed mainly for indoor growing and grown with a lot of space and light you have lucrative plants. Grown in a hydroponic setup the seeds will love you even better. Grown outside will only be advised in tropical climates.

The more space and light Northern Lights auto-flowering gets, the better the yield.
Northern Lights auto-flowering/feminized marijuana seeds is an easy and stabilized plant as it doesn´t get diseased. Do not worry when you see a slight variation in plants.

You can clearly see it's Afghani Indica and Sativa background in the shortness of this Northern Lights auto-flowering/feminized, but with its high flower to leaf ratio, compact buds, good yields and an exceptionally resin and wide leaves, this is the most famous and loved and several Cannabis Cup winning plant.

The smoke is full bodied yet somewhat neutral in flavour.

Northern Lights auto-flowering/feminized marijuana seeds so popular!

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seed Genetics: Mostly Indica

seed Flowering: 7-9 Weeks

seed Harvest: September

seed Yield: 50 Grams a plant

seed Height: Short (60-80 cm)

seed Effect: Stoned- Indica Body Buzz

seed Thc level: Strong 15%

seed Quantity: 5 seeds / 10 seeds

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