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Afghan feminized marijuana seeds

Afghan feminized marijuana seeds

These feminized seeds are imported from Afghanistan. Afghan is one of the oldest marijuana strains. Originally found in Nepal, India and South-East Asia, this marijuana strain became stronger and stronger after thousands of years of cultivation. Almost completely disease-resistant, this plant is easy to grow and gives compact marijuana flowers which shape the big buds. Full of resin and crystals, the plant is very fast-growing so it needs space.Afghan is a pure feminized marijuana variety and has never been crossed with other cannabis varieties.

So many generations of pure afghan marijuana seeds is a guarantee of the most disease-resistant strain that ever existed.
The rich aroma and strong taste of afghan are almost hash-like.

This strain is ideal not only for the experienced grower, but also for beginner growers.
Check out our germination guide to get off to the best start with your growing and use our marijuana fertilizers to ensure that your plants have optimal nutrition.

cannabis seedsGenetics: 100% Indica

cannabis seedsFlowering: 8-10 weeks

cannabis seedsHarvest: End of September

cannabis seedsYield: 450 grams

cannabis seedsHeight: Tall

cannabis seedsEffect: Very strong physical effect 

cannabis seedsTHC: Strong (15%)

cannabis seedsQuantity: 5 seeds / 10 seeds

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