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Grapefruit feminized seeds

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About: Grapefruit feminized seeds

A popular daytime strain, Grapefruit is descended from Cinderella 99. It is an uplifting Sativa that produces an exhilarating cerebral high, often accompanied with a burst of energy and creativity. The smell is sweet and tangy with a citrus. The flavor is reminiscent of a grapefruit, hence the name.

This strain could be grown indoors or outdoors. In either case, the environment should be humid. The plant prefers a tropical Mediterranean climate. It does not grow very tall, only up to a few meters, and yields are modest, so both growing and harvest is relatively manageable. Once it flowers, the buds are lime green with bright orange pistils and very attractive.

Genetics: 70% Sativa 30% Indica

Growing: Indoor or outdoor

Flowering: 3-4 weeks indoors

Harvest: Late September

Yield: Indoor: 14 oz - 400 grams m² / Outdoor: 30 oz - 850 grams m²

Height: 90-100 cm

Effect: An energizing and uplifting high

THC level: 25%

CBD level: 0.2%

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