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About Catmint

Catmint has been used by people for its hallucinogenic effects. The metatabilacetone in catmint is also present in an Asian plant called; actinidia polygama, which the Asians use to calm down big cats. The magic herb catmint is a member of the mint family and loved by cats, so this explains the name of this plant.

Each portion of Catmint contains

100 gram of shredded catmint leaves

Effective substance

Nepetalic acid.


The dried leaves can be smoked, chewed or used to make tea with.
The catmint burns too fast itself and so is it usually mixed with damiana leaves, marihuana or tobacco to intensify its hallucinogenic effects.

Receipt for Catmint tea

30 grams of catmint in 500 ml of boiled water. You can then use 2-3 tablespoons (30-45 ml) against headaches, bring down fever or helps you to relax when you have nervous problems.


Its effects are relaxing and can make you feel happy, this could be compared to the effects of marihuana, only milder. It is said to be somewhat similar to valerian root.


When you use to much tea, emesis will occur, so don´t!

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Catmint by Hugo

Effet relaxant mais sans plus, sensation similaire a la mari parfait pour relaxer après une grosse j..

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Catmint by joakim

no effect what so ever, been drinking 500 ml with 30gr and smoking it with tobaco and clean..

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Catmint by PP

cette herbe dans le thé est ma préférée pour me détendre. C'est comme un câlin chaleureux à la fin d..

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Catmint by Elisabeth

I like the mild and relaxing effect of that catmint tea: also made me smile, this is cool stuff and ..

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