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Kush Kush feminized cannabis seeds

Kush Kush feminized cannabis seeds

afghan feminized marijuana seedsAbout Kush Kush Feminized cannabis seeds:

This stable mix of Thai, Columbian, Mexican and Jamaican who has its roots in the 1970’s California Bay Area, has made a family reunion with his Moroccan cousin.
Master Kush dances with strait Kush in this international mixture.

The complex aroma of Kush Kush is because of all the different influences difficult to describe. 
Due the strong master kush influence is this beccome a very strong hybrid and easy to grow indoors as well outdoors.

Like the Master Kush Feminized cannabis seeds in our store, Kush Kush Feminized can also perfectly be used for medical purposes.
The smell and taste of kush kush are softly and sweet.

You will get the best results with specialized plant nutrition’s, so also check out our marijuana fertilizers.

cannabis seedsGenetics: Mostly Sativa

cannabis seedsFlowering: 9 Weeks

cannabis seedsHarvest: October-November

cannabis seedsYield: 450 Grams

cannabis seedsHeight: Tall

cannabis seedsEffect: Sativa High

cannabis seedsTHC: Strong (15%)

cannabis seedsQuantity: 5 seeds / 10 seeds

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