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Durban Poison feminized seeds

Durban Poison
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About: Durban Poison feminized seeds

Durban Poison was bred in America in the 1970’s from South African sativa landrace seeds. Its smell is skunky with a licorice twist. The flavor also has a sweet, piney quality. The high sets in quickly and is clear and focused. Durban Poison tends to amplify sights and sound and has a psychedelic effect. There is almost no heavy body high, so users can remain productive.

Durban Poison is a good plant for beginners. It can be grown indoors and outdoors since the plant is relatively weather resilient. If it is grown indoors, it is best done with a hydroponics system. Once the plant flowers, the buds are round and ample and grow in a conical shape, with orange pistils and shiny light to dark green leaves. Growing: Indoor or outdoor, best in semi-humid areas between 22 and 26 Celsius.

Genetics: 100% Sativa

Growing: Indoor or outdoor, best in semi-humid areas between 22 and 26 Celsius

Flowering: 7-9 weeks indoors

Harvest: Late September

Yield: Indoor: 13 oz - 365 grams m² / Outdoor: 16 oz - 450 grams m²

Height: 198-213 cm

Effect: An energizing and uplifting high

THC level: 26%

CBD level: 0%

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