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pH 4 buffer solution
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Solution to calibrate your pH meter, for accuracy
For very precise work the pH meter should be accurate at all time!

Calibrate your pH meter with pH 4 buffer solution:

For normal use calibration should be performed at the beginning of each day.
The reason for this is that the glass electrode does not give correct measurements any more over longer periods of time, if not calibrated.

You always need at least 2 different pH buffer solutions to calibrate a pH meter.
For general purposes buffer solutions at pH 4 and pH 7 are acceptable to use to set the meter reading equal to the values.

Usage of pH 4 buffer solution:

First use a standard buffer pH 7 and set the meter reading equal to this value.
Then use the pH 4 buffer solution to adjust the meter reading the value of this second buffer
Some pH meters than have a third control which allows the temperature to be set.

All set! Your pH meter is ready to use again...

Tip! If you always store your measurer correctly, you will prevent your meter to crystallize, so next time you use the meter it will be accurate again.

Quantity for pH 4 buffer solution:

  • 1 bottle: 20 ml  (pH 4 solution)


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