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pH meter

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pH meter

Easy to use, to test the pH level of your soil, for healthy plants.
Your plants need a correct pH level. This meter allows you to measure and control the available nutrients in your soil.
By testing your soil, you determine the condition, so you can adjust it more effectively and economically.

Features pH meter:

You want to measure if your soil is alkalinity or acidity, then this electronic instrument can help you to measure the pH of your soil or liquid.

How?  A pH meter has a glass electrode connected to an electric meter, this meter circuit is not much more than a voltmeter that displays in pH units instead of volts.

Why? pH value of your soil directly affects the availability of nutrients needed for healthy pants

The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14:
7 is neutral
< 7 is acidity
> 7 is alkalinity.

Marihuana, vegetables and other grasses grow best in slightly acidic soils (pH 5.8 to 6.5).
If your soil values are not correct this results in less growth and nutrient deficiencies.

Primary nutrients for healthy plant growth are Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) which are needed in fairly large quantities compared to the other (secondary) plant nutrients.

To keep your plants healthy with correct pH and EC values and the best amount of nutrients, you must have a look at our: GREEN REPTILE fertilizers

Usage of pH meter:

Easy to use:
1.) Simply push the probe into the moist soil.
2.) The meter will register pH levels on a scale of  pH 0.00 - 14.00.
3.) Check readings against your preferred values.
4.) Adjust the amounts of your fertilizers as described for the fertilizer you use at this moment

Calibration of your pH meter:

For very precise work the pH meter should be accurate.
That is why you need to calibrate the pH meter before each measurement (every day)
You calibrate a pH meter using the 2 included buffers solutions ph 4 and pH 7
and adjust the meter accordingly.

Technical details of the pH meter:

- pH tester with 2 point automatic calibration and +/-0.2 accuracy
- ideal for hydroponics markets, as well as indoor- and outdoor growing
- auto calibration and auto buffer recognition
- long sensor life, no need to change sensors
- auto shut-off after 10 minutes (saves the life of your batteries)
- 2 point calibration method

Quantities and contents for the pH meter:

  • 1x  pH meter
  • 20 ml pH 4 buffer solution
  • 20 ml pH 7 buffer solution
  • Instructions

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