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Blue Lotus Resin

Blue Lotus Resin

About Blue Lotus Resin 20x Extract

The blue lotus, also known as the blue lily and Nymphaea caerulea, is a legendary flower once used as a religious sacrament and medicinal plant by ancient Egyptians.

According to their mythology, the Sun god was born out of a blue lotus flower which emerged from the darkness of the world before.

Eventually, this beautiful plant became an important element in the Egyptian civilization: it was used for ornamental and fashion purposes, during religious ceremonies, in healing rituals, and in massive communal parties as a euphoric and aphrodisiac.

Our blue lotus resin is a pure alkaloid extract made from the top quality flowers of Nymphaea caerulea.

Use of Blue Lotus Resin

If you want to make a blue lotus tea, you need to dissolve the resin in a cup of hot water and drink it when it cools down. For more pronounced effects, we recommend that you dissolve it in an alcoholic beverage instead (a sweet wine is highly recommended) and let it sit for a few hours to a few days—the longer it takes, the stronger it gets!

Alternatively, you can also add tiny chunks of the resin to your preferred smoking blend or vaporize it using a vaporizer that functions with resin. This will bring you more immediate, but also more short-lived effects.


The blue lotus is not a powerful psychedelic plant, so you should not expect intensely altered states of consciousness and crazy visions. What you can receive from this plant, if you take a sufficient quantity, is a relaxing yet euphoric feeling, with heightened sensory perception and, for some, sexual arousal.

Aside from these pleasurable effects, the active compounds in the blue lotus are known to help with anxiety, pain, and inflammation. They are also powerful antioxidants, gastrointestinal regulators, and glucose level reducers!

We recommend diluting the resin in alcohol (wine or your favorite alcoholic beverage) rather than water, because the active alkaloids in the blue lotus make a great chemical synergy with ethanol.

Once you drink your blue lotus tea or alcohol infusion, you should feel the effects within 15-20min and the experience should last for up to 2h.


The blue lotus is safe to consume in any dose. Our recommended starting point for making a tea or alcohol infusion is around 0.25g of resin. For smoking, you can roll several tiny balls and add it to your favorite smoking blend.

If you don’t experience much of the effects, you can safely try consuming a larger quantity and/or letting it sit for a longer time in an alcoholic beverage.


1 grams 20x extract


Individuals with abnormal or altered levels of dopamine or glucose should take precautions if consuming blue lotus.

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Blue Lotus Resin by Bryan

Super fast shipping and good product!

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Blue Lotus Resin
Blue Lotus Resin by Nymera

smells like liquorice xdxd

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Blue Lotus Resin
Blue Lotus Resin by BB

This works wonders for my tense muscles, the taste is a little strange but the more i taste it the b..

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Blue Lotus Resin
Blue Lotus Resin by Boris

Good quality

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Blue Lotus Resin

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