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Maca Root Powder

Maca Root Powder

About Maca Root Powder

Maca Root Powder also called Lepidium peruvuanum or Lepidium meyenii, helps rebuild weak immune systems, increase energy and endurance and it also re-mineralize poorly nourished bodies. Clinical data verify these effects of maca root powder, which the original Peruvians have known for millennia.

1 portion of Maca Root Powder contains

100 gram of maca root powder

Effective substances

Lepidium peruvuanum or Lepidium meyenii.


Our elephantos smartshop maca root powder you can just mix with hot or cold water but is perfect to mix with a juice or for making smoothie as well and to add this to foods like cakes or other baked goods.

The recommended daily dosage is 5-20 grams

Store in a cool and dry place and avoid excessive exposure to heat, moisture and direct sunlight.


Maca root powder contains over 55 naturally occurring chemicals include important hormonal precursors and sterols proven time and time again to assist the human body in a number of recognizable ways. Most people feel their mood and energy level lift in an instant.


To this date no record of any contraindications, adverse effects, or toxicity have been found.

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